Monday, April 20, 2009

Easter Dinner Conversation

Elisabeth: Excuse me!

Daddy: Why do you need to be excused?

Elisabeth: I burped!

Daddy: Oh! You're excused.

Elisabeth (looking at her daddy like he's lost his mind): No I'm not. I'm not done eating my dinner yet!

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Kristin said...

Elizabeth is so cute!!! I bet dinner time with the fam is always like that, fun!

Happy Belated Birthday! I hope you had a wonderful day. Lots of fun, cake and presents and not to forget the love of your family and friends.

I am thinking of going with MFW for homeschool this next year. Kids are very open and even excited about it. Michael and I are going to try and attend the Homeschool conference in Portland in June. I would love to look at lots of different curriculums and be encouraged in this new adventure. Of course, I don't really have the support of family. Michael is all for it, but parents aren't. That's hard for me but want to prove them wrong.

I really like the idea of k-12 but remembered what you told me this last winter. The freedom wouldn't be there either.

Pray for mandi, she is lonely at school and the girls are not sweet loving girls who want to follow Jesus. She feels alone and picked on. Who would of thought that a sweet school like this would have these issues. I have seen it way too much and am fed up with it. We tried talking to the girls and mothers but no change. I just hope that we can find a sweet friend for her through the homeschool network here in Redmond/Bend. All my friends who HS have kids Emma's age and younger.

I pray for you all often and can't wait until our families can get together again.

Have a great, sunny day!