Saturday, May 31, 2008

Katie's Update

Well, it's official, Katie is out of the remission that she just barely got into. She started again on Prednisone today to try to get the inflammation down. She will be on it for 2 weeks and then weaning off of it the next 7 weeks (9 weeks total).

Our Dr. in Portland is sending down a test that will check the levels of her 6-MP (an immunosuppressant, chemotherapy drug) in her system. She takes the 6-MP by mouth and it is supposed to help hold her in remission. This test will show if enough is being absorbed or if we need to increase the dose.

We are all flabbergasted by this. I almost named this post 'Stink' as that was my first eloquent spiritual response to the news.

Please be in prayer for her as she has all her concerts and piano recital in the next couple of weeks. She would like to finish well.

Thank you all.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Pray For Katie...

Well, I was just going to post…”yea, we’ve gone a whole week without someone running a fever!!” But, Sunday night, Katie started running a fever. I am trying to stay calm and prayerful, but it is not good she is running a fever. Please lift her in prayer to our Lord God, her healer and saviour.

Home Sweet Home

Well, we have been home now almost 5 weeks. I have to stare at pictures of Hawaii to actually believe I ever went! It was truly a fabulous vacation for us. ( or at least for me, Alisa!) Neil was up and running at 5:30am. In my book, that is still the day before as the day truly doesn’t start until after 6:00am…right? I am pretty sure that is Biblical. It was great to have a lot of quiet time, walking time and doing nothing time. I loved the time I had with Neil and hanging out in our honeymoon spot. I never would have believed it would be 16 years and 6+ children later before we would come again! Ok, I am still laughing out loud. I was so rested in Hawaii I could actually watch someone yawn and not yawn myself. Then came the red-eye flight home. No sleep Wed. night and up until midnight Thurs. night…so much for being rested!

We arrived home to a banner from the girls saying “Welcome Home!” and the boy saying “Go back to Hawaii!”. I have left Isaac’s sign on the door. I have told him…”Don’t tempt me.” Well, we arrived home by 9:00am. By 10am I am upstairs searching through the suitcases for the presents and Xman goes running by yelling “I need new pants!”

I, of course, ask, “Why?”

He replies, “ cause they’re wet!”

“How’d they get wet?” I ask, thinking I knew the obvious answer…but no…

He replies, “someone spilled some water at the bottom of the stairs and I slipped in it!”

“Oh” I reply and I go investigate the spill. Well, I was 3 steps from the bottom when I could see (and smell) that the huge puddle now smeared across the floor was NOT water. So I very intelligently ask quite loudly, “WHO PUKED?!!” Ok. Yes, I quickly realized everyone bigger than Xman could have told me they did already so that really only left 2 possible choices…Kelly (the dog) or Elisabeth. So I loudly exclaim, “Did Kelly throw up? Where’s Elisabeth??!!” “Elisabeth!!! Where are you?"

I turn the corner into the living room and looked no further. I asked yet another stupid question, “Elisabeth, honey, did you throw up?” To which she sweetly replied,

I am now looking at her…dripping in vomit, sitting on the couch. “Oh yes you did, honey.”
In the bath she goes . Floor cleaned. Carpet cleaned. Candles lit. Lunch time. She seems fine, wants to eat. That is when I learned she had a bad cough. You know, the kind that makes you gag. Yes, she coughed at the lunch table…splattered everything and everyone near her. More baths. All of this by 12pm noon. Did I mention I had had no sleep yet?

Janie, I discover, is running a fever and feeling horrible. Isaac is crying because the boys are gone. Xman is dropping all the emotion he has stored up for the week on me and I have a towel clipped around Elisabeth to throw on her face when she starts to cough.

Oh, Home Sweet Home.