Saturday, May 31, 2008

Katie's Update

Well, it's official, Katie is out of the remission that she just barely got into. She started again on Prednisone today to try to get the inflammation down. She will be on it for 2 weeks and then weaning off of it the next 7 weeks (9 weeks total).

Our Dr. in Portland is sending down a test that will check the levels of her 6-MP (an immunosuppressant, chemotherapy drug) in her system. She takes the 6-MP by mouth and it is supposed to help hold her in remission. This test will show if enough is being absorbed or if we need to increase the dose.

We are all flabbergasted by this. I almost named this post 'Stink' as that was my first eloquent spiritual response to the news.

Please be in prayer for her as she has all her concerts and piano recital in the next couple of weeks. She would like to finish well.

Thank you all.


Brenda said...

We're so sorry. this feels so unfair...she's so sweet, so smart so talented and her poor little body must suffer. We'll be praying this is very temporary and she is restored to health soon!

Anonymous said...

I am praying for you and your family. Father Jesus come into Katie's body and put your hand on her that you alone can give all the comfort and know what is going on in her body give her parents the strength, peace and joy. In the name of Jesus we ask for healing. Amen.