Monday, December 31, 2007

Back to 7

We transitioned the twins to their permanent foster home on Sat. I knew this day would come. There were times we wondered if we should just keep the twins for the duration of how long they would be in 'the system.' Watching them change and thrive here was amazing. It was hard to let them go.

It was hard to leave them there and come back home knowing my job was done. This is what I signed up for. Emergency shelter care. I love them, clean them up, love them, get them stable and move them to their permanent foster home.

I can't keep them all. I can't do 20 children. The state won't let me. What I can do is hope 20 other wonderful families will each sign up and make a difference in a child's life. Together we can save them all!

I still see all the teenagers in the system that I cannot house yet. It will be 10 more years before our children are old enough to do teens. Maybe we can house one sooner...we are open to the idea. No child will go unconsidered.

House is awfully quiet with just 7.


Anonymous said...

Alisa, I'm curious ... How do handle the emotions of receiving and giving back children? I have always had a tug on my heart to help other children but am not sure I can handle the emotional roller coaster. How do you do it?

Beth Crouch said...

Dear Alisa,
I think what you guys are doing is awesome and I pray God blesses you and Neil with all the strength, love, and patience you will need for the trying time. I know the children you come in contact with are better for the love and support you give them!
Beth Crouch
PS - Can't really imagine a quiet house with 7 kids :>).

Anonymous said...

The work Almighty God has done in your hearts is a wonderful testimony to so many other people!! (Including me!) Thank you for being a light. We'll be praying for you.